Vlad-Dragoș Dărău​

Research assistant

Vlad has started his collaboration with the University of Vigo in 2015, when he was implied, as a telecommunications researcher in a cyber-security project aiming to detect the geographical and temporal location of video recording by extracting the variation of the electrical grid frequency. He participated in electronics sensor design and configuration, detection software conception and writing, in a team of various expertise domains from the University of Vigo and Gradiant Technological Centre. He was awarded two prizes by Deloitte for the best proposal and presented master thesis in cyber-security, followed by an Airbus Secure Land Communications prize in collaboration with the Spanish College of Telecommunications Engineers.

Following, he has participated as a researcher in a biometric security project within the same consortium, where he had tasks related to anti-tampering software writing and testing. After his studies, in 2018, Vlad started working for the Galician Centre for Aerospace Innovation, where he was involved in a 6U CubeSat on-board software compliance and testing. Among the tasks he had, the most important ones include extensive use of ECSS standards, Python testing framework for the CubeSat software and Ground Station module, as well as automation of operations. 

Finally, from 2019, Vlad is currently involved in the WiPTherm project as a system engineer together with the team members of the Aerospace Technologies Group and his current tasks are related to managing requirements and their compliance with applicable standards, within the collaboration of the consortium formed by various universities and technology centres.



  • European Union’s Horizon 2020 FET Open programme: WiPTherm


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