Alejandro Camanzo Mariño

Research assistant

Graduate in Telecommunications Engineering by the University of Vigo, currently studying a Master’s in Telecommunications Engineering. He has participated in the ESA’s ITT Sysnova Lunar Caves Studies as part of the consortium formed by the University of Vigo, University of Oviedo and Alén Space, developing concepts for exploration of the lunar caves. Alejandro performed the tasks of requirements analysis, both at a mission and system level, and definition of systems interfaces.

Currently participating in the student team UVigo SpaceLab as a systems engineer, responsible of the technical coordination of the team and mission analysis, and the WiPTherm project.


  • ESA: Crane
  • European Union’s Horizon 2020 FET Open programme: WiPTherm
  • UVigo SpaceLab
  • OLLO

You can check his LinkedIn profile here