• Provide almost-real time wildfire detection, monitoring and evolution prediction.
  • Development of a SDR nanosatellite payload: TOTEM.
  • Space Segment formed by the nanosatellite Lume-1.
  • Provide educational opportunities in a space project to engineering and science students.


Satellite parameters

Mass: 2.6 kg

Perigee altitude: 487.16 km

Apogee altitude: 514.84 km

Inclination: 97.2°


Extra information

International consortium formed by the University of Vigo, University of Porto and the LAAS-CNRS.

Provide M2M communication for fire-detecting sensors on ground.

Facilitate coordination of a drone fleet for wildfire monitoring.

Radio amateurs information

You can find information on how to decode Lume-1 beacons here