• Provide educational opportunity in space projects for students. 
  • Develop and use a Software Defined Radio and experiment full communications in-orbit reconfiguration and use. 
  • LEO radiation mapping using Radiation Displacement Damage Sensor (RDS), a non-ionising radiation dosimeter. 
  • Panel Deployment Mechanism for higher available payload power.


Satellite parameters

Mass: 0.930 kg 

Perigee altitude: 300 [km] 

Apogee altitude: 1500 [km]  

Inclination: 69.47°

Period: 97.49 min


Extra information

Project management plan & engineering activities in collaboration with INTA.

Teams responsible for management, engineering, design and science.

Over 20 teachers, 80 students. 

Launched on inaugural ESA Vega, 13th of February, 2012, Kourou ELA-1.