Fermin Navarro Medina

Substitute coordinator 1

PhD in Aerospace Engineering by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in June 2010. He completed the PhD program at the Institute of Microgravity “Ignacio da Riva” of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (IDR / UPM), with the title “Ballast pick-up in high-speed rail tracks”. He carried out teaching and research activities at the UPM (2010-2014) and at the European University of Madrid (2015-2019). He is currently a professor at the School of Aeronautical and Space Engineering at the University of Vigo, in the Area of Aerospace Engineering.

His research activity focuses on civil and aeronautical aerodynamics, and on space technology of spacecraft subsystems, in the fields of structures, thermal control, power and attitude control, and mission analysis. In the IDR/UPM he developed research activities in the fields of civil aerodynamics and spacecraft subsystems, also carrying out collaborative stays as support for spacecraft thermal control in several ESA missions. At the IDR he developed research activities and technical support stays in support of the thermal control of spacecraft in various ESA missions (NOMAD subsystems in ExoMars and EPD in Solar Orbiter), at the ‘Belgian Institute for Aeronomy Space’ (Brussels) and at the ‘Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics’ (University of Kiel). He developed the model reduction of NOMAD-ExoMars for Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and Critical Design Review (CDR). During his stay at the European University of Madrid, he had the opportunity to be the coordinator of a picosatellite program (UESAT1-EASAT2), where he developed mission and thermal analysis activities. Currently, he participates as a test and thermal control engineer at WiPTherm, developing a remote energy transfer technology embedded in small satellites. He also provides technical support in thermal control, tests and thermoelastic analysis, during the development of the Hypso nanosatellites, for the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and technical support for the SpaceLab association of the University of Vigo. In addition, he collaborates in the development of a lunar vehicle in its conceptual design phase in conjunction with the University of Oviedo, working on systems engineering and thermal control.

In the field of aerodynamics, it has various publications and presentations at national and international conferences in relation to the aerodynamics of high-speed trains. He has participated in research projects in train aerodynamics in collaboration with Talgo and ADIF, and in aerodynamics of aircraft fuselage-tail configurations with AIRBUS OPERATIONS SL, being specialized in analytical aerodynamics, tests in low-speed wind tunnels and in field tests on the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed line. On his side, he gains experience in the rapid prototyping (design and manufacture) of models for tunnel tests. He has recently started a research line of aerodynamic vehicles in extra-terrestrial atmospheres.


  • ESA: Solar Orbiter/EPD y PHI, 
  • ESA: ExoMars/NOMAD, 
  • ESA: Crane, y participación en la CDF de Crane
  • European Union’s Horizon 2020 FET Open programme: WiPTherm
  • Satélites universitarios: UESAT1-EASAT2
  • Talgo y ADIF: aerodinámica de trenes de alta velocidad, levantamiento de balasto
  • Airbus: TAILS, aerodinámica de configuraciones fuselaje-cola de avión


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