Thermal control is a discipline that is responsible for ensuring a distribution of temperatures and heat fluxes that is compatible with the thermal requirements imposed by the components, equipment, subsystems and systems of space vehicles. There is specialized software for the realization of thermal models, which, within the context of projects of the European Space Agency is ESATAN. This course introduces the main fundamentals of heat transfer, thermal control elements in space vehicles, and is an introduction to the use of ESATAN software.


  • Introduction to Thermal Control of Space Vehicles
  • Thermal control elements
  • Modelling in ESATAN. Approach to the thermal problem
  • Introduction and presentation of case study
  • Description of the environment, the introduction of properties and geometry
  • Groups, non-geometric nodes, conductive couplings
  • Radiative case
  • Analysis cases
  • Analysis of results and thermal control solution
  • Calculation of conductive couplings




Alejandro Manuel Gómez San Juan y Fermín Navarro Medina