Our proposal

Although the world of radio-controlled aircraft has its origins in the environment of the First World War, and it was not until the 1960s when RPAs had their first great moment of success in the military environment, it is undeniable that in the last fifteen years there has been an extraordinary advance in the use of UAVs in the civil and leisure fields.

Our focus is on the use of drones to provide turnkey solutions based on UAVs to solve specific needs, especially in industrial areas.

Wherever inspections are required in hard-to-reach areas, areas that are dangerous for humans, or ultimately to implement an aerial solution for a specific mission, we provide customized solutions with reduced operational costs, safety for people, and solution times adapted to the needs of each client.

We focus on designing a global solution that incorporates a UAV as a platform, in which different systems and technologies are embarked to offer responses in the field of artificial vision and sensing, to address a scientific or industrial problem.

Ability to develop a UAV

Scheduling of specific missions, incorporating CV and AI functionalities

Structural appearance

Aerodynamic appearance, wind tunnel test

Electronics and component selection

Innovative industrial application solutions

Light piece logistics supply drones

Warehouse inventory drone

Long-distance autonomous visual inspection drone

Inspection drone in confined spaces

Our toolbox

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