Structural design in the aerospace field has many years of experience throughout history, with criteria that have been transferred to the field of unmanned aircraft.

With the safety of people first, and of the aircraft, aeronautical design rules have been adapted to UAVs, evolving to respond to the specific needs of this special type of vehicle, within the regulatory environment of the EU. With a special focus on the specific mission, we design the appropriate platform to adapt to the specific task in each project, using the appropriate materials for each case (synthetic fibres, composites, etc.).

Structural design is the natural evolution of a preliminary aircraft concept design idea. Starting from a conceptual design based on the mission to be carried out, dimensional estimates of the geometry, weight and future performance of the UAV are carried out, selecting the shapes, sizes and materials, as well as the manufacturing processes of each one. of the parts of the aircraft. For this, flight requirements (expected range, nominal speed, maximum speed, flight ceiling, weight of the payload for the mission), structural requirements (temperature and wind conditions), as well as the definition of mission design.

The mechanical/structural designs ensure the validity of the platform to carry out the specific mission of the UAV, under difficult air conditions (winds, cold, rain, risk of impact by birds, etc.).