Aerodynamics play a key role in UAV-based solutions for industrial use. Not surprisingly, this discipline has been present and has been decisive throughout the history of aviation, from the beginning of it. While the weight of design does not typically fall on the aerodynamic realm for recreational drones, the specific needs for increased range required by professional missions put aerodynamics at the centre of the design process.

We offer hybrid solutions based on vertical take-off aircraft incorporating fixed-wing profiles to achieve significant increases in autonomy. We evaluate different alternatives of standard or specific profiles according to the thrust-to-weight ratios, and the supported wing load, in an iterative process with different options, taking into account the shapes, sizes and position of each of the elements involved (fuselage, empennage and to).

Employing CFD techniques under different computer solutions, starting from the detailed 3D design that incorporates mechanical and structural details. This allows us to obtain the most efficient solution for each of the designs, according to the mission to be carried out.

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